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Another Dimension (Dementia)

by Gravity Noir

Released 08/15/2016
Gravity Productions
Released 08/15/2016
Gravity Productions
Gravity Noir releases his first ballad with dementia awareness and "World Alzheimer's month" in mind.
Having been confronted with dementia in Gravity Noir leadsinger Patrick's family and since a couple of years this terrible disease also struck his mum. He realised how hard it is to slowly see your loved ones deteriate. His family concider theirselves lucky that mum still recognises who they are. But for many others it must be heartbreaking to feel like you're nothing else but just a stranger with a happy face. It can happen to all of us. Either to be the unfortunate one who gets dementia or to be left standing helpless towards those you love the most. We need to be aware of what dementia does to people. The Alzheimer's Society helps in a lot of ways. They are the UK's leading dementia support and research charity, here for anyone affected by any form of dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They even have branches all over the world. As leadsinger, songwriter and composer of "Gravity Noir" , Patrick wrote this song "Another dimension (Dementia)" to be officially and worldwide released in september, which is World Alzheimer's Month. Those who donate by using Gravity Noir's fundraising page will receive a free mp3 download of the song. Gravity Noir hopes that the song will help in dementia awareness and that it can effect anyone. Details how to donate and how to get your free mp3 download can be found on the Gravity Noir website.

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