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It's unbelievable how well our new single is being received and played worldwide. Feeling very happy and blessed!

Dear Apple Music users and friends. Please help our new Gravity Noir featuring Ofra Haza single 'Im Nin Alu 2021' to reach the charts. All you need to do is play it now and again, please? Thanks in advance! #GravityNoir #OfraHaza #ImNinAlu #AppleMusic #iTunes #אם ננעלו

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Which is your favorite Gravity Noir single so far?

I've Got the Power 0
Mystery Knight 0
Mind the Gap 0
Giving Up On Music (Summer Dance Remix) 0
Another Dimension (Dementia) 0
Avalon L.A. 0
Much Too Soon to Say Goodbye 0
Mystery Knight (2017 Liberation Version) 0
Into a New World 0
Open Your Mind 0
Open Your Mind (The Future is Ours Remix) 0
Welcome to My Gravity 0
Boom and I'll be There (Trixie's GagaGoBoom Remix) 0
Flying High 0
Hot Summer Medley 0
Planet Called Love 0
Universal Party (Supernatural) 0
All Night Long (A Tribute to Andrè Brasseur) 0
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Hope you don't mind us asking ... For YOUR VOTE ?! 

Gravity Noir - ALL NIGHT LONG has been nominated to enter the TOP 50 LGBTQ MUSIC CHART once more.


1. Visit https://lgbtqmusicchart.uk/lgbtq-music-chart-voting/ 

2. Find Gravity Noir - All Night Long (This week, Newcomers) 

3. Click the black banner to vote 

4. Wait for the 'Thank you for voting' (Grey banner) 

5. DONE! 

6. Please share the love, thank you! 

Gravity Noir - All Night Long (A Tribute To Andrè Brasseur) 2021©Patrick J. A. Knight / A Gravity Production

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