By Mary Raven

This beautiful painting was donated to me by one of my biggest fans and in the meantime my best Dutch friend Mary Raven. Of course, I wanted to share this with you with some pride. Mary knows that I am very happy with it and especially very grateful. Such a nice gesture. A thousand thanks Mary xxx, extraordinarily beautiful, great work!

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Andy as Tutankhamun

This reface video made by our bandmember Andrew, has certainly brightened up my day. And it certainly provides good publicity for our new Gravity Noir album "ANKH".


Spotify playlist addition

  • We have only now found out recently that Alzheimer Netherlands has included our single 'Another Dimension(Dementia)' in their Spotify playlist, 'songs about dementia', since March 2021. You will find us at number 30.



Can't wait for the release of our new single? Click the button for a little teaser ...

Check this out: An amazing fan-made TikTok clip with the title 'Trippy Oriental'.

Dear Apple Music users and friends. Please help our new Gravity Noir featuring Ofra Haza single 'Im Nin Alu 2021' to reach the charts. All you need to do is play it now and again, please? Thanks in advance! #GravityNoir #OfraHaza #ImNinAlu #AppleMusic #iTunes #אם ננעלו

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