Lord Adrian

Bandmember Adrian would like to share this lovely photo with all the fans

It's been a while since we've seen or heard Adrian. So we're delighted to share a photo of our bandmember in a absolute great pose. Adrian is doing well and wishes all our friends the same, please stay safe.

Quote: 'I'm brave and strong. No challenge is too difficult for me. I'm an admirable leader people can trust. If anything it's a great precedent of what is to come and to what I can work towards' (Adrian Cogen)

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All Lives Matter



Gravity Noir is still standing tall in the Spotify results. Reaching 30.000 plays/streams this month, which is our own personal record ever! With our new single 'Universal Party (Supernatural)' peaking at the top 10 of most popular songs, with 28.500 plays/streams since it's release on 14 February 2020. Beating our single 'Planet Called Love' with 26.000 plays since 31 July 2019. Most played song still is 'Into A New World' with 51.000 plays/streams since 1 May 2017. BIG THANK YOU to all Spotify users and Gravity Noir friends! 😎 COOL RIGHT?


to all Jango Radio Listeners!

Our new single 'Universal Party (Supernatural)' received a PopScore for last month March, 2020.

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The LGBTQ Music Chart have nominated Gravity Noir's 'Universal Party (Supernatural)' as one of the newcomers this week. We hope a lot of people will give their vote to get us in the TOP 50.

'Planet Called Love' moved up to #7. So hopefuly we will have 2 songs in the charts next week. This week is the only time that people can vote on both songs. Next week they will need to choose.

So here's our question friends, Would you please give your vote on both tracks?

Pretty please?

Thanks in advance friends!