We have such exciting news to share with you all. We kept it quiet, because we were not sure if we could pull it through. But we did and it's just absolutely amazing good news. As you know we've been working on the remix for "Open your mind", which you as a die hard fan probably already had the privélige of hearing it. But what you didn't know was, that we were also working on a new accompanied video. We feel so lucky and honoured that we got the chance to work with one of the big names in the animation bussiness. Namely Mr. Lubomir Arsov. Maybe his name doesn't ring a bell, but he co-worked on some great films, which you will undoubtable will know: Ice Age, The book of life, Peanuts, the movie etc. We got to know Mr. Arsov with pure coincidence, found his animated short film "In shadow - A modern Odyssey" on YouTube. We watched it several times and then we just knew we had to use it for our new video clip. You can imagine that Mr. Arsov wasn't so keen at first with the idea someone would use his animated artwork in a video clip. We've been keeping contact anyway and evenatually, after Mr. Arsov finally watched the end result, he gave us his permission to use his images. He wrote: "Hi Patrick, Looks cool, nice work with the song and editing, I like the reaggea vibe. Good job guys, you may use the images." So our question to him asking Mr Arsov for his kind permission was granted and just in time to get it out this friday 21th September. As you can expect from Patrick Knight, this new video clip is again something quiet different from all the other GN video's he did before.

You can find our new music video for "Open your mind - (The future is ours remix)" here:


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