— (CEST, UTC+02) — (CEST, UTC+02)

Fakkeltheater, Zwarte Zaal, Reyndersstraat 7, Antwerpen

On the occasion of a Belgian Première, Fakkeltheater is delighted to screen 'ANKH' in 'Première'. Per ticket: Free downloadcode for ANKH - The Album (O.S.T.). Event with the presence of director Patrick Knight and co-protagonist Luc Verlinden. Red carpet at 2 pm. Mini live concert by Brynn, the new female Gravity Noir vocalist at 2.30 pm. The main event starts at 3 p.m. Tickets and reservation: see link below. ANKH is the debut feature film by Patrick J. A. Knight starring Patrick Knight (Gravity Noir), Luc Verlinden, Ofra Haza (Prince of Egypt, American Psycho, Gegen die Wand), Sydney the Galah, Flemish Lions 2007 and the Egyptian population. Experience and/or relive a cruise on the Nile, the most beautiful way to discover Egypt. ANKH introduces the audience to lifelong partner Luc and shows his hopeful Egyptian treasure hunt adventure to find his dead husband and who accidentally brings him back to life. During his resurrection, the viewer reminisces on a cruise down the Nile that ends in Cairo, where a full transformation into Queen Nefertiti's look-a-like is achieved. Ofra Haza, the Madonna of the East follows them closely and helps them in their search for the key to life, 'Ankh', the afterlife. Ankh is a travelogue through ancient Egypt and brings to life the beautiful and award-winning soundtrack, music by Gravity Noir. "It's not about fame and fortune, it's about the footprints we leave (P. Knight)." Director: Patrick J.A. Knight | Duration: 91 mins | Country: Belgium | Year: 2022

Standard price €15.00 (Free downloadcode ANKH - The Album O.S.T. included) / Discounts available on website

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John Bradley's Big 60th Birthday Show

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

Feestzaal Verli / Event Hall Verli, Hoevensebaan 98, 2950 Kapellen

Live performances by John Bradley/Mario Medley with guest appearances by: Patrick Knight (GRAVITY NOIR), which will be his very last 'live' performance. Dean Cole, Emmy, Saskia, Brynn, Jeff Tax. Everyone is welcome to join us in this party extravaganza (Free admission)(No age limitation).

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In The Picture With Johan

 — (CET, UTC+01) — (CET, UTC+01)

Live Radio Show Broadcast, Antwerp

Patrick Knight and his mental coach/Manager Marc are very happy to announce that they can be heard on next Sunday's Radio Zuidrand Show 'In the picture with Johan'. Music and interviews with and from Gravity Noir. So tune in Sunday, March 6, 2022, from 12 till 14 pm (EU time). (For our online listeners)

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Worldwide release of Gravity Noir's new single "Another dimension (Dementia)"


The new single "Another dimension (Dementia)" will be available worldwide from all the favourite download stores. But you can also receive your free download by making a small donation to the Alzheimer's Society UK or Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen. Find the link in our webshop.

Gravity Noir will present their new single and videoclip  "Another dimension (Dementia)" and officially announce the kick-off of their fundraising project for the Alzheimer's Society UK and Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen. This is a private representation in the presence of press and media, the chairman and managing director of the Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen, the Mayor of Niel, District Chairman of Hoboken and Managing Director of the residential care centre Maria Boodschap.