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Im Nin Alu 2021

Our new Gravity Noir single "Im Nin'Alu 2021 (Featuring Ofra Haza)" was officially released, 14 July 2021. The new single will be part of our new forthcoming Gravity Noir album 'ANKH', which will also include a longer extended version (Expected in 2022).   Photo by Damir Spanic (Licensed by Unsplash).


A Musical Travelogue

Our future project is gradually taking shape. The title of the new album has been chosen and given the name 'ANKH'. The album will be released simultaneously with a documentary (Expected in 2021 - 2022). It will be a travelogue of Patrick Knight and his husband during their 2007 honeymoon through Egypt.

More than 1 million!

One Million YouTube views

WOW! Since our comeback in 2016, our Gravity Noir videos have collectively been viewed over 1,000,000 times via our YouTube channel. So we are very proud and want to thank everyone who helped achieve this personal best.

Jack in the Green 2021

Find me at 1:45:40

For those who have missed it. Just fast forward to 1:45:40 and you can see me again as 'The Marquis De Bogieville' having some fun with my cousins Heather & Keith. It was an honor being part of the panelist and of the virtual Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green 2021. Congratulations to everyone! What a great job well done! What fun!