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Universal Party (Supernatural)

We're excited to announce that our new single "Universal Party (Supernatural)" will be released 14 february 2020!

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Release: 14 February 2020

Future Days

We're excited to announce that our new album "Future Days" will be released 18 March 2020.

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Release: 18 March 2020.

Pre-orders start: 14 February 2020.

#4 in the TOP 50 LGBTQ Music Chart!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTE! Gravity Noir's "Planet Called Love" entered the TOP 50 LGBTQ Music Chart, 4# PLACE!!!
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New single out soon!

Fasten your seatbelts, because Gravity Noir is ready to launch their new single "Planet called love".

Pre-sales start 21th July 2019, official worldwide release is 31th July 2019!

Includes the extra track "Planet called love (Drum & Bass Stripped to the Bone Mix)"

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (Exclusive from our US label CDbaby)



Gravity Noir's NEW RELEASE! "Hot Summer Medley (Radio mix)" WorldWide Release: 06/06/2019 😎

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Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.

Official WorldWide Release 06/06/2019

Flying high


Music download and streaming services worldwide for Gravity Noir's brand new single "Flying high" available now.

It's been a while since Gravity Noir released a brand new single. But here it is at last. "Flying high" is an uplifting dance track with a specific and recognisable sound of the 90's. It was well worth the waiting and fans will be delighted to know that they can expect a new album too. "Future days" is to be expected end of 2019. Vocals by Ambrosia Dash & Patrick Knight.




Boom and I'll be there (Trixie's GaGaGoBoom Remix)

Since the release of our album "Liberation", one of the tracks has been received very well by fans. Boom and I'll be there has already been streamed twenty thousand times by Spotify listeners worldwide. That's why a remix couldn't be left out. GRAVITY NOIR proudly presents "Boom and I'll be there (Trixie's GaGaGoBoom Remix)". With thanks to CDBaby, our US record label. Soon, available to download and stream from all your favorite online services. BOOM!

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Open your mind (The future is our remix)

This is a story about true and unconditional friendship. If you've been lucky, there's been people who entered your life for the sole purpose of being your friend, mentor, partner-in-crime, even those who share your most intimate secrets, etc. They're people you can trust explicitly, never having any intention of causing you harm, and truly wanting the best for you and your family. There's a mutual bond. Like a favorite movie or place to visit, they make you feel better just being in their presence.It's all in the mix.

Gravity Noir would like to thank the very talented Mr. Lubomir Arsov for his kind permission to use some of his images from his animated short film "In shadow - A modern Odyssey". Dare to embark on a visionary journey through the fragmented unconscious of the West, and with courage, face the Shadow. Watch the original masterpiece here:

The Gravity Noir track "Open your mind" was a perfect match with Mr. Arsov's animation. Together they bring the message of hope. Fighting against peoples pre-judgements has become a daily based battle. What If you don't look or behave according common and social standards? You become a target of your own shadow. If we could only be a little bit more kind to those who have to live with a disability that's not noticeable from the outside. The world would be a much better place. We all need a liitle bit more understanding. Sometimes it starts between two equal minded persons, who become the best of friends with hope for the future. So go on and give it a try, be open-minded, OPEN YOUR MIND! 

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Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.