ANKH - Official Trailer (HD)

It's not about fame and fortune, ... It's about the footprints we leave behind. Watch the official trailer for #AnkhTheMovie, starring Luc Verlinden, Patrick Knight and a special appearance by Ofra Haza. Original Soundtrack, Music by Gravity Noir. Exclusively in a theatre near you, 2022. Get tickets now: ... Soon OST (Music) is available now to stream, download or purchase through all official and trusted distributors. UPC/EAN 198000232641

 Ankh introduces audiences to the lifelong partner (Luc Verlinden) and showcases his hopeful treasure-hunting Egyptian adventure to find his departed husband Patrick Knight (As himself) and accidentally brings him back to life. During his resurrection, the viewer is taken into memories during a cruise down the Nile which ends in Cairo, where a complete transformation in the look-alike of Queen Nefertiti is accomplished. Ofra Haza, the Madonna of the east follows them closely and helps them in their search for the key to life, Ankh, the afterlife. Ankh is a travelogue through ancient Egypt and makes the beautiful soundtrack, (music by Gravity Noir), come to life.

Directed, Screenplay, Screen Story and Produced by: Patrick J. A. Knight

Executive Producers: Patrick J. A. Knight & Luc Verlinden

Music (OST): GRAVITY NOIR Featuring Ofra Haza

Music & Lyrics by: Patrick J. A. Knight

Except for 'Im Nin Alu' and Ankh Travelogue, Pt. 3, Lyrics by: Rabbi Shalom Shabazi (1619-1720) / Yemenite Traditional

Cast: Luc Verlinden, Patrick Knight, Special appearance by Ofra Haza, Sydney the Galah, Vlaamse Leeuwen 2007 and The People of Egypt

A Gravity Production

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